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diabetes-528678_640As we age our immune system weakens. It becomes more susceptible to diseases that we were able to fight off when we were younger. Our body may not be able to burn fat as fast, which may make some overweight. If you have concerns, these are reasons to go see your doctor. There are medical screenings that he or she may do in order to make sure that everything checks out.

Type 2 Diabetes

First, they may do a check for diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of this illness found within adults. This means that your body is producing high glucose levels and high insulin levels. More than likely, your doctor is set you up with a nutritionist. This nutrition-expert will start you on either a high-protein diet or a low-carb diet to get your blood sugar back to normal. Type 2 diabetes has several risk factors. This includes lack of exercise, a family history of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and a history of cardiovascular disease.


Osteoporosis is another important screening that should take place. This happens when our bones get too brittle as we age. If this goes unnoticed, it leaves us more at risk of injury or death. A broken hip, for instance, can debilitate an active person and put them in a wheelchair. You can keep your bones healthy by eating a healthy diet and exercising. Make sure your bones are getting the calcium and nutrients they need to be strong. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Hearing Loss

On another note, over 25% people over the age of 65 have some level of hearing loss. This increases to 50% once the individual reaches 70. If you have trouble hearing the slightest noises or someone that is inches away from you, then it’s time to get your hearing checked. They have hearing aides that fit right into the ear; these are out of sight and nobody has to know they are there. It’s going to give you the opportunity to keep hearing the world you live in instead of feeling left out of it.

Colon Cancer

Seniors should also have a colon cancer exam. If caught early, this cancer is often found to be curable or treatable. The first screening for this particular cancer should be after age 50. If there is a history of it within your family, however, you may consider getting screened much sooner. A nurse might draw blood for fecal occult blood. This is a stool sample they’ll put under a microscope; it’s not able to be seen by naked eye. Depending on how that checks out, they may recommend you return for a barium enema (which takes place every five years) or a colonoscopy (which occurs every 10 years.)

After a certain age, it’s vital that we go to the doctor to get checked out. Doing so helps ensure that we live a long and healthful life. These screenings are going to help us to stay active and healthy. Life is meant for living and there should be nothing slowing us down.

Men’s Health – Unique Issues and Critical Screenings

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Gerald Morton

There is a very long list of medical screenings for seniors, and especially an extended list for those who are suffering from diabetes and heart related issues. Thanks to advancement in medical science, availability of tools to measure such conditions is a blessing for elderly people.

Justin Reynolds

This video is very well done. Thank you for posting it. It has a lot of good information and things for you to learn from.


Thanks Jennifer for that awesome video. I like the important things that has been described on that video. It’s important for aged people to go for regular medical screenings. So that they can stat nice and healthy by following doctors suggestions.

Brandon Johnson

Should you be going in for a colon check a lot earlier these days? I wouldn’t want to wait until I am 65 to see something is wrong if I could have checked it out earlier.

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