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Low Carb Meal
Low Carb Meal

Your body is bound to change as you age; a balanced diet however is what will help you in keeping yourself healthy even when you get older. We cannot stress enough how important a balanced diet is, no matter what age group you fall in. A balanced diet is the prevention which is better than every cure in the world. A balanced diet is what will help you in preventing a lot of diseases and fighting off a lot of deficiencies and health complications that may arise on account of those.

What makes a diet BALANCED?

Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, some staple food such as potatoes, rice, bread or any starchy food and a really small amount of drinks or desserts, which are high in fats or sugar. No matter how tempting or comforting this comfort food will be in the longer run you will see how a balanced diet is the real comfort food.

Here are the top tips for a balanced diet over 60:

Frozen fruits and vegetables are not a bad choice, shopping every now and then can be very troublesome, save yourself the trouble but don’t compromise on those greens. You must aim for a wholesome five portions of fruits and vegetables every day, but you must have a variety of these goodies primarily, for getting maximum nutritional benefits and for change in flavor.

A balanced diet includes the consumption of starchy foods, whole grain choices are the best. You must stock up on some rice and pastas, for these do not go stale and can be cooked with a great deal of flavors, a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and come packed with some wholesome goodness.

Non-dairy sources of protein are both delicious and an important addition to one’s daily diet, intake of eggs, meat, fish and beans is a great means of a healthier lifestyle and one more step towards a balanced more rewarding diet and lifestyle choices.

As an individual over 60 the most important part of your balanced diet is keeping yourself well hydrated, next to consuming foods rich in fiber. Fiber is good for your body and aids in digestion, foods that are fiber-rich help prevent digestive problems and painful conditions such as constipation.

Sprinkling Raw bran over your food doesn’t increase your fiber intake but results in preventing your body from absorbing some vital minerals.

Eating food that is calcium-rich such as Orange juices, Cheese, Sardines, Spinach and many more can help you combat and avoid osteoporosis and other bone related diseases.

Iron happens to be, one of the most important contributors for our general health, iron deficiencies can lead to feeling less energetic and may create problems as you age, it is highly recommended that you consume 65-100gm of cooked meat everyday given that you do not have any other health complications that keep you from it.

Though nutritional supplements are important, having your daily dietary needs met with the consumption of a balanced diet is the smartest move. At 60, after your retirement, your primary goal should be a healthy and happy life… with a balanced diet, let us celebrate life!

Professor Tim Noakes on the topic: “The Great Diet Controversy: UCT taught me to Challenge Beliefs.” – University of Cape Town South Africa

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Greg Ward

Whole grains, fruits, nuts, sea food and low fat milk are the items elderly people shouldn’t exclude from their daily diet. To create a proper and balance diet plan one should consider physical activity they do. Diabetic and elderly people suffering from cardiovascular issue should consult their doctors before following any diet plan.


Thanks for the top tips. These are indeed beneficial for balanced diet over 60.

Justin Reynolds

Wouldn’t you think that a balanced diet is a little different for each person? I would like to have the right amount of everything in my diet, but that might not mean it is good for me.


Accurate diet planning is very crucial to make body very fit during any age! I’ve been following diet plan to keep my fitness good. And also it’s good to learn some top tips regarding balanced diet through reading this post. The video sharing is very useful.

Matt McConnell

This is a great article and video, but I wanted to say that I think the enter website is chock a block full of fantastic advice, tips and suggestions.

Helen Jordan

A proper diet is important in every life stage but when talking about people over 60 like me or you I can say that it is one vital decision for our health.. The article is simply amazing!! Really useful information, as always !!

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