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Man's Best Friend
A man and his dog. Man’s Best Friend

Have you ever wondered how a dog can make your life better as you start aging? After surviving through really hard phases of life, life could be a little bit lonesome after you turn 60. Once your kids turn old and busy into their lives, you miss the feeling of caring for living things and that’s the time you should opt for a pet dog! It’s always fun and exciting to experience your life with a dog after 60’s!

Your dog will assist you to connect with social buzz and a healthy lifestyle. Most of the times, when you walk by in your neighborhood, you must have witnessed a number of people usually old yet busy playing with their dogs. Before you sip a cup of your morning coffee, you’d see them stepping out of the house with thrill and excitement and you wonder why they are so active being similar to your age?

It’s the time to roll your newspaper and keep it aside. I’ll show you the perks of keeping a dog after 60’s and how you can turn your boring life into an enticing one. There are in numerable benefits of owning a dog beyond staying active and healthy to spreading love and affection.

Walking your Dog:

A recent Canadian Study highlighted the fact that a dog turns you much active than the people who don’t own one. Dog owners are involved in reasonable physical activity and they walk for about 300 minutes every week while taking their dog out for a walk.

Help Lower Blood Pressure:

Through recent studies, it has been revealed keeping a dog after 60’s help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the Dog owners.

Feeling Loved:

Keeping a dog is the best bet, just because it makes you feel good vibes and affectionate towards it and everyone around you. In many cases, dogs really help you to achieve an improved state of mind by helping them to cope up with stressful events incurred their life.

Switch on the Happy Mode:

Just by looking at your dog, you will get an instant dose of quick happiness. A dog will kick away your sad mood at once. If you or any of your family members is going through an enormous trauma, either a severe cancer treatment of some deadly disease, a therapy dog can result into immense improvements.

Good Bye Heart Attacks:

Another research shows that keeping dogs can help you say good bye to heart attacks! It reduces heart attack risk to 3% for Dog owners. In spite of the fact that this doesn’t seem like a considerable measure, despite everything it means more than 30,000 lives spared world-wide. It was found that dog owners are likewise more averse to feel perplexed of being prey of street crime while strolling their puppy to home.

Obviously, any individual who claims dogs as pet will list a huge number of advantages: affection, fun and now they can list health as well.

It’s Officially Proven! That a Dog keeps you fit and healthy after 60’s!


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Cheryl Ryan

Even looking at pictures of my dog gives my mood a boost. having a dog companion after 60 when all kids are gone can’t be overemphasized. Seriously, it makes one’s life better

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