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smoking-1026559_640Everyone’s entitled to live a life that is burden-free of any health issues. Yet, it doesn’t always turn out this way once we hit our thirties and beyond. Our bones change, often stiff joints leading to arthritis. Any number of health issues can lead to weight gain, heart attack, stroke or diabetes. Many of these diseases lead individuals to a premature death, cutting their life years or decades short had they taken precautions while they were young.

For instance, drinking too much can really take a toll on the body. Heavy drinking has been proven to be the cause of liver and kidney cancers. It weakens the heart and the immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight against intruders such as cancer cells. If a person drinks too heavily, they may also be putting themselves at risk for heart failure or alcohol poisoning. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 adult deaths within the United are a result of heavy drinking.

Another fatal cause of premature death is hypertension. This is no surprise because high blood pressure is known to be a silent killer. Most of the time it appears in those individuals who eat a high-fat diet and are stationary throughout the day. They’re not getting exercise nor taking an active role in changing their health. Most of these deaths occur in men and women over the age of 45, brought on by a heart attack or stroke. It’s also common that it may be brought on by diabetes.

To no surprise, cancer is also a big factor in premature death. In men, there are a wide variety of cancers that can affect them. For instance, men have a chance of getting breast cancer, even though their chance is much lower than women. Men are a greater risk of prostrate cancer. They also may encounter cancers of the colon, liver, kidneys, skin or brain. The key to beating cancer is to get it checked out early. If you suspect that anything is wrong, don’t hesitate to get to the doctor. It may save your life.

Furthermore, tobacco is a leading cause of death. In fact, I would call it an alarming cause of death. A smoker’s chance of dying early is three times greater than a person that never has smoked. They have doubled or tripled their chances of experiencing cancer and respiratory diseases. Nearly half a million deaths each year are the result of tobacco; more than half of these are men. Smokers are cutting at least a decade off their life than had they not smoked at all. Secondhand smoke is not as bad, but is still bad. Those that inhale it have a chance of experiencing lung cancer or heart failure.

Premature death is nothing to take lightly. In fact, it’s something to take very serious. Think of all the more years you could see your grandkids—your great-grandchildren. They deserve the fantastic person that you are, so take preventative steps to ensure they have that opportunity. And, this is your future too. Cherish every minute of it.

Dr. Oz’s Best Anti-Aging Tips

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David McKinney

Every human wants to live long and live healthy but certain habits may cause premature death. If I recall recent premature deaths taken place in my family and peers, I can easily assess the core reasons. Smoking, over consumption of alcohol, restlessness and hypertension are the root causes. We have to revisit our lifestyle if we want to improve our fitness. Men over 60 need to be more cautious about aging.


I really enjoyed reading such informative post regarding the causes of premature death. That video footage is good. Dr. Oz’s best anti aging tips are indeed seems to me effective.

Gerry Gomez

If a product were introduced today that could potentially kill millions of people it would never make it onto store shelves. At least I hope it wouldn’t. So how is it tobacco products are still legal? There is no longer any doubt tobacco kills and it is addictive, but it remains readily available. I have never been able to understand that.

Morgan Adler

Young people think they are immortal… but we old people know better now. How many elderly people, and some not so old, look back and wish they had their life to do over again? How many would never light up that first cigarette? How many would pass on the faux food served by fast food outlets? Dying is part of living, but I doubt there is anyone coming up on the twilight of their lives that does not regret the unhealthy living choices they made.

Ray Plumlee

Morgan, your comment is so profound! I too often look back and wish I knew in my 30’s what I know now about health and nutrition, and other stuff. 🙂 For that matter only if the various scientist of the day knew what we know now today. I doubt we would have the over weight and diabetes epidemic we have today.


Malcolm Smith

I have never smoked, drink very little alcohol and am reasonably fit. I marvel at the abuse others inflict on their bodies but smoking, drinking heavily and/or overeating. It is almost as if they are subconsciously suicidal. Maybe they are? Great article.

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