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Fact & Our Shame: Water is America's 2nd choice of beverage next to soda.
Fact & Our Shame: Water is America’s 2nd choice of beverage next to soda.

As you get older and step in to you 60s, you become more and more aware about your health and become extremely cautious of your eating habits. You don’t want your health to hold you back over anything and thus you make it your priority to eat healthy and stay smart.

There are a lot of habits you have to develop gradually in order to keep fit as you turn older. Some people make walking a regular habit and it is extremely beneficial in older age. There are various exercises in gyms for people who are above 60 in order to keep the body strong and healthy. But an optimization in diet is also essential to reach your aim of being smart and healthy and to keep the weight in check.

There are numerous healthy eating tricks that you should incorporate in your daily routine. Apply the following habits in your life and feel the healthy change in your body.

Avoid temptations and don’t trust self control:

It is one of the most terrible ordeals a person who is on a strict diet goes through. There are some people who stare at sugary items without breaking a sweat but unfortunately, many of the people find it a troubling challenge. Most of the times, you keep thinking of that stacked up item in the cupboard and somehow, find yourself digging in it in the late hours of the night. And then follows regret. Best is to simply avoid temptation by barring their entrance in your home. Simply refuse to let any of those items find their way into your home, let alone the secret cupboards. Just don’t trust your self control because it will surely deviate from the right path.

Shop adventurously for healthy food:

If you have an organic farm nearby where they grow food, there is a great opportunity for you to walk to that place and buy the healthy food items instead of going to the crowded grocery stores. The walk will be extremely beneficial and also, the food would seem highly delicious and appealing once you see how and where it grew. Maybe it is just psychological but nevertheless, it works. The shopping should turn in to an adventure instead of a boring chore.

Keep the stomach fit and healthy:

The stomach sports a whole different ecosystem which requires good nourishment and nutrition to have a good impact on the functionality of that ecosystem.  When you learn to keep your stomach healthy, it will not only benefit your body but the brain as well! There is a good amount of healthy bacteria that reside in your gut. Everyone’s body is different and thus, before changing your diet plan, a checkup with doctor is in order. Kefir is a great nutritional item to add to your diet in order to support that healthy bacteria production in your stomach.  It contains a great amount of these beneficial bacteria and is rich in probiotic.

7 Signs You Should Be Taking Probiotics – Saturday Strategy

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James Webmore

Well am not over 60 yet but I guess I got to share this article to my mum. She’s over 70 and I think she will probably enjoy every bit of this article. She always watch the kinds of food she consume. I get tired whenever we went shopping because of her choice of food stuffs. I strongly believe she’s going to enjoy every bit of this article. Thanks for sharing!

Michael W Rickard

While I’m not a man over 60 yet (just turned 50), I think I’m finally getting a grip on healthy eating. I don’t want to be 60 and still eating the junk food I did when I was 20 (sure, I can do it, but my body won’t appreciate it). I’ve found lots of excellent alternatives to soda pop, salty snacks, and candy (although I’m still figuring out ice cream). I like the tip to walk to your local produce grower. It is a fun experience and the fresh produce is tempting (and often, surprisingly inexpensive). I’ve found that tasty… Read more »

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