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You Are What You Eat

Saying that our diet contributes to our well-being and forms who we are as people is an underestimation. Each person’s everyday diet assists to determine our personal lives’ longevity and quality and a lot of times, it makes an impact in the quality of our kids’ lives.

Each person has heard their mum say, ‘You are what you eat, therefore, eat right.’ Which one of us has ever really wondered what she meant? You turn into a product of what you consume.

Although food is not the sole contributing element, it is among the major ones. Your genetics have an impact on your health also. However, even if your genetics are unhealthy, you can change the tide if you have a healthy diet.

How Diet Impacts our Health

The diet element turns into a vital factor of our health as we grow older. Many times, as our bodies start to disintegrate, our workouts and food become the cause of us persisting in enjoying a quality life or why we are bedridden or incapacitated.

Medical developments have assisted in prolonging the normal person’s lifespan by nearly 15 years. Together with those developments have come living conditions that are better and a public which is better educated in regard to their food selections.

Today’s consumer is extra conscious of health than previously; however, this does not signify that we are really eating healthier than before. Actually, the rate of obesity in the United States has gone up to epidemic proportions. If we are working out, eating healthier and achieving better medical attention than previously, why are we battling obesity problems even now?

Eating Healthy to Portray a Better You

The solution might be found in the remark made before. You are what you eat. Our diet is made up of fat in low portions and a higher consumption of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates become sugar after it is inside the digestive system of the body. Extra sugar is kept as fat. It is this simple. You do not become fat from consuming fat. You get fat from carbohydrates. Even the consumer who is most aware of health can get trapped in deceptive labels of ‘low fat.’

Simply because it is low in fat, this does not make it healthy to eat. Spare the time to get to know your energy requirements, your body, and the way to study labeling for food, for the most ideal health outcomes.

Eating healthy entails consuming the requirements of your individual body to maintain its optimal functioning. This normally constitutes extra fruits and vegetables and reduced manufactured or processed food. This food is normally quicker to consume or prepare; however, it is not all the time the healthy option.

Are you aware that your metabolism has an impact on the quantity of food you require and when? Metabolism plays a big role in establishing the burn level of your calorie consumption. Your body operates on fuel, similarly to your car. In the same way as your car, if the injectors of your body are clean and effective, your fuel will be burnt more effectively.

The more efficiently we digest our meals and change it to fuel, the healthier we become. Normally, we require less food if we are making great use of our everyday intake.


Therefore, so as to eat healthy all through our lives, we should comprehend our individual requirements, the work every section of the food group performs in sustaining our health and make changes as necessary.

This is one of the goals for this website is to help you to understand your bodies nutrition requirements, especially for older men. I was about to saying aging but all men are aging. 🙂

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[…] Despite the way that our modern eating regimen is, it is not the only thing that is important, the consensus is eating more fruit and especially vegetables can be the best approach toward the kind of distress and pain free lifestyle we all need. Remember what your mom said when you were growing up; “You are what you eat!” […]


It’s funny how we all know this phrase and yet it does not actually make any sense until you actually start eating healthy. I totally agree now!

Beverly Todd

I am having such a hard time getting away from the carbs. Soda is killing me from the inside and I know it. I just cannot get away from the taste. How do I break that nasty cycle?


You can try replacing soda by adding a slice of orange, lemon or lime to your water. I love cucumber water as well, they are all healthy alternatives and it makes it easier to stop and not miss something “special” to drink.

Trevor Smith

“You are what you eat” seemed like an odd cliche about 20 years ago. Then I took on the physical shape of a pastry. Now I have cut out the pastries and the other sweet things I though I could not live without and I’m feeling so much better. Great article!


I think you got it just right. We have all heard the phrase and if we look back we could easily compare our body shape to something that we indulge in.

Ken Green

I remember hearing this as a child. I wasn’t sure what it meant, “you are what you eat”, but I was concerned. You see, my mother was the world’s worst cook so I lived on sandwiches and deserts through much of my early years.


Already mentioned in few my other comments about how I eat.. and yes, you’re what you eat. And as I sad before it’s ok to treat yourself with some bad food from time to time but keep it limited ( fast foods, etc ).

I would recommend to start thinking about what you eat in early stage.

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