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GEN Colin L. Powell, USAColin Powell said, ‘Success is the result of perfections, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.’ We all love to be famous and well known in the world. Though we all have such potentials to reach the epitome of success but we just don’t know what path to follow and how to follow. So here are a few reasons behind the success of the legendary people. We hope that you will definitely love them and try to adopt them as well.

  • Don’t Fear Failure:

Yes, you read it right. Failure is something that we are all so much afraid of that we don’t even give our wild thoughts a try at very least. Ever imagined how all the scientific laws are made? Or how the famous Colonel Sanders got all the fame for just his crispy chicken recipe? Well, basically in all these situations, it is basically our failures that give us a clear picture of our lacking and weaknesses. So, don’t fear failures but learn to embrace them in the best possible way.

  • Have everything organized:

Try to work in a systematic and organized way. Have everything already planned out and decided right before the time. Meet the deadlines. Make sticky notes and start making a planner to keep yourself away from forgetting any important work.

  • Think calmly:

Forget your ego and anger. Start to live by this principle that if you are wrong then, you have no right to be angry and if you are right then, why should you be angry?

So, basically, don’t lose your temper on small or even big issues but think with a clear head to reach to the best solution possible.

  • Behave like a gentleman/woman:

Don’t just act but turn politeness into your biggest trait. It is very common to find arrogant and proud celebrities around the world, who just love to show off their wealth and status by behaving in such ways. But in all such cases, people remember those who are kind and behave nicely e.g.: Princess Diana is still remembered for her kindheartedness.

  • Always be well dressed:

As they say that the first impression is the last impression. Yes, they are right. For instance, you are a head of a company and an interviewee walks in for an interview and he hasn’t taken bath in a while, has oily hairs and is wearing dirty and smelly sweat shirt and night trousers. Will you even be able to consider his application further?

  • Eat Healthy,:

Whatever you eat, it affects your body as well as mind. Hence, eating a balanced and healthy diet is very important in order to keep your brain strong and working. When you know the worth of your brain for all the evil and creative ideas that it comes up with, in every situation.

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle:

Not just eat healthy but also, start following a very healthy lifestyle. It includes exercising on daily basis that may include jogging, cycling, yoga, dancing or simple aerobics.

  • Wake up early in the morning and sleep on time in the night:

Since childhood everyone is taught:

Early to bed,

Early to rise,

Makes a man,

Healthy, wealthy and wise.

But very rarely it’s been followed around the young population. Our brain needs at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep in the night to start working properly the very next day.

  • Be clear about your aims and goals:

Be realistic when choosing your aims and goals as they define your whole journey that you have to cover to achieve them. If you set up some unrealistic and illogical objectives, they lead to disappointments and complete losses.

  • Help everyone:

Last but not the least, help everyone as they say:

Little deeds of kindness,

Little deeds of love.

Make this Earth an Eden,

Like the heaven above.

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Linda Woods

You shared some golden rules to lend a long and happy life and I agree on almost each one. Eating healthy and including some healthy activities to our lifestyle may contribute towards this goal. By the way, I really liked the last part of your article which discusses about helping others. Thank you for helping people over 60 to improve their fitness.


This is a really nice article to begin my day with. Failure is something we all fear, because no one likes to fail. All the points listed on the article are words full of wisdom. Thanks for this.

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