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As the holidays grow closer, you’ll soon have to go shopping for gifts. That can be a great experience, as it’s fun to buy gifts for others. Taking time to find just the right present can make the holidays (and birthdays) that much better.

When you’re buying gifts for seniors, you should consider getting something that can help them maintain their health. After all, elderly people face many more health concerns than the average person. Read on to learn how your gifts can help seniors stay healthy.

Home Exercise Equipment

One of the health problems faced by seniors is the loss of muscle tissue. Part of this is inevitable due to aging, but some loss is due to seniors’ tendencies to not exercise. That’s why a great gift is some equipment seniors can use to exercise at home.

GoodHealth Planning explains that staying fit through exercise can help seniors have more energy, a healthier heart, better memory, and even an increased ability to stay independent. Then what devices can help? Some of the best for seniors include treadmills, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, and rowers.

Of course, you don’t have to buy anything expensive to help seniors improve their health. Free weights can easily be used to build muscle strength and endurance. Neoprene dumbbell sets allow seniors to build up over time, whereas adjustable dumbbell sets mean they don’t have to buy new ones as their strength improves. Resistance bands can also be used, especially if a senior has trouble lifting free weights.

Yes, Musical Instruments Can Help

While home exercise equipment is a great gift, it does lack a certain pizazz. One gift that many people might not think about is a musical instrument. Believe it or not, learning to play an instrument can help seniors stay healthy.

As explains, music can be considered circuit training for your brain. It’s exercise for the mind, and it can help keep seniors’ brains sharp and focused. That’s especially needed given the chances of dementia among older people. It can also improve their self-esteem, which can be needed as they age.

But what musical instrument? While this depends on the senior in question, one affordable but good instrument to buy is the ukulele. It’s small, meaning it’s easy for seniors to handle, and it also does not use any electricity. EquipBoard lists some of the best ukuleles you can find online.

Healthy Services

Your gift does not need to be a physical thing to help seniors improve their health. In fact, you can go online and look into services that you can present as a gift.

For example, many seniors have trouble eating correctly. Some even have trouble cooking up a good meal. These days, there are many meal delivery services you can hire online. Meals On Wheels is the most famous, but there are others. In fact, some companies like Blue Apron or Home Chef deliver a recipe along with all the ingredients needed to make a healthy but tasty meal.

There are also many home security systems that include home monitoring. These work great if you want to help the senior stay safe but cannot be there too often.

Gifts Can Help Seniors’ Health

While there’s nothing wrong with giving a book or movie as a present, some gifts can help seniors stay healthy as they age. Look into buying some free weights, musical instruments, or meal services to help your senior friends age better and live a happier life. Because if they’re healthier, they will be happier as well.

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Wayne Watkins

I always gift helping gadgets and gift vouchers to my elderly brothers and sisters, and especially to my spouse. They always welcome these gifts with open arms because such items address their needs really well. Considering the benefits and choice of buying for elderly people, I suggest pre-paid cards are the best gift for elders.

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