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After Food and Water Sleep is the Most Needed For Good Health
After Food and Water, Sleep is the Most Needed For Good Health

A good night’s sleep is extremely essential to lead a happier life. It helps create positivity in your mind and soul and is beneficial for health. For the people who have reached their 60s, sleep suffering is a part of their daily life. It is understandable as in older age, the stresses increase, like family matter, financial disturbances etc.

When you are sleeping the body undergoes repairing processes and maintains the internal hormones. Your memories are consolidated and it helps multiplies happiness. Following a good night sleep you can be gifted with the ability of appreciating your life in a better way. It decreases the magnitude of your problems, warms up your mind and heart and opens them up for newer and fresher opportunities.

If you do not enjoy a good night’s sleep, it will attribute to constant restlessness and thus, lead to depression. Insomnia especially in the older age can be highly dangerous and influence the health negatively.

The modernity of the daily routines has created more issues and drama for us. The atmosphere surrounding us is filled with the hustle bustle of life, the consistent buzzing of relentless distractions all around us. The angry bees, the perpetual electronic messages from the social interactions create fuzz around us. It is important for the body of the older people and especially the minds to escape from this incessant anxiety and worry of the world.

As you reach your 60s, you worry about how would you get along with your finances in later life, how would you manage after retirement, how your grandchildren’s and children’s life will work out amid this global chaos etc. These anxieties greatly affect the quality of sleep. It reduces the normal 7-8 hour sleep schedule to merely 5-6 hours and thus sabotaging your happiness involuntarily.

Restful sleep is very important to maintain a healthy body. It boosts the immune system and assists in repairing of the damaged cells of the body. When you are feeling healthy, it increases your happiness and positivity toward life. The happiness is caused by the recharging of our body batteries and the renewed energy in our bones. This helps in the resurgence of our minds and souls and consequently reviving the lost passion of the life.

To get a better night’s sleep, start with the creation of a relaxing sleeping environment, devoid of unnecessary distractions and especially electronic items. The bed and the bedroom should be your sanctuary a place where you feel the quiet and pay attention to yourself. Schedule your night activities like watching TV or using your laptop to another time during the day. When you reach your bed, your mind should be comfortable and at ease. Let your mind wander instead of forcing yourself to sleep. Letting your thoughts float toward negative things can greatly affect your sleep. Before drifting into a slumber, it is important to keep your mind at peace and do not drop your guard for the anxiety vibes.

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Harry Benderson

Sleep is important at all ages, but I think it’s even more important as we grow older. From what I’ve read, the aging process slows down the healing and rejuvenation of cells, which is why sleep is needed more than ever. However, many people over 60 that I know don’t get more than 5, sometimes 6 hours of sleep (some even less). They say they don’t need it, but I don’t think that’s true. I just think they’re not doing whatever is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Our health is ever important which is why people should take… Read more »


Nowadays people don’t care at all about sleep and this is a huge mistake.. Unfortunately we have to suffer in order to learn a lesson..


I already see how important sleep really is at my teenage nephew.. He is tired and sad pretty much all the time because of the lack of sleep.. This may happen to every adult too! Great article!

Billy Wiebe

I would like to sleep less and be more busy during the day. Getting 7-8 hours is ideal for me, but I would prefer less. What steps should I take to go that route?

Danny Turner

Sleep is very good for my happiness that is for sure. I can see why getting a good night sleep makes sense. Thanks for the info Joseph!

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