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Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 26 March 2018 at age 70.
Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 26 March 2018 at age 70.

Not the best way to approach aging? I say this because I have learned what I know now by trial and error. My hope and the purpose of this website is to help you avoid a lot of those same trials and errors I made. I have tried and discarded many anti-aging techniques.

In this post I am discussing how I will tie the various articles on this site together. When I say together I mean how I used or considered the various supplements, exercise regimens, alternative medicine techniques etc. in my lifestyle regimen. To discuss this I will have to use a timeline of my life beginning in the late 1980’s when I was in my 30’s.

Epiphany One (Early 1980’s age 30’s):

Take supplements! You can not eat enough or the variety of modern food to get all the nutrients your body requires every day, day in and day out. In a post coming very soon I will discuss what kind of supplements at a minimum you should take.

Epiphany Two (Late 1980’s age 30’s to 40’s):

Stay out of the sun or protect yourself from it! Some sun is good for you but too much sun is very, very bad for you! More on this in upcoming posts.

Epiphany Three (1990’s age 40’s):

Skin care is easy! A little research some determination and a dose of common sense is all you need to limit or even erase skin damage. The sooner you start the more success you will enjoy. Stay tuned for another upcoming article on some common sense easy to do skin care for men.

Epiphany Four (2000’s 40’s to 50’s):

Keep the weight off! This is where I started learning about various diets and the futility of dieting.  Dieting is bad for you! There are all kinds of diets out there but I have found the best diet is a lifestyle diet. Dieting for weight loss is a waste of time and can be unhealthy. I believe eating the way our ancient ancestors ate is more in line with the way our bodies were designed/have evolved to consume food. There will be many upcoming articles on this most important topic.

Epiphany Five (2014-2015 age 67-68):

Alternative medicine treatments. I began trying alternative treatments such as subliminal messages, Self-Hypnosis,  EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Binaural Beats (Brain Wave Entrainment), Isochronic Tones, Massage Therapy etc. I haven’t tried Acupuncture yet but am considering it. This phase of my journey is still very new and any results are still unclear but some are encouraging. I will have more articles on this topic as time goes on.

These topics will be the focus of all my future discussions and will be written in such a way that each topic will direct you to the appropriate articles populating this site. In this manner I will be able to guide you along many of the same paths I took but you won’t have to grope in the dark the way I did.


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Retired USN "Mustang"(Enlisted to Officer) Officer. World traveler, been to 38 countries.

After retiring in 1994, I kept myself busy traveling as an online web programmer. Maybe you heard of me, Have Web Sites Will Travel? I then retired for a second time in 2010. Recently to keep busy I started a 3rd career, a career dedicated to me. My full time dedication is to my health and fitness. My job is to research everything to do with health and fitness (Yes, sexual health) and everything else related. I workout 6 times a week, closely monitor my diet and nutrition. I have started an online blog dedicated to the health and fitness of men over 60. So you can see I keep myself very busy, a very necessary component of the life extension goal.

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John Sandovals

Thank you Ray for sharing some innovative topics regarding aging! I am sure your future discussion topics would be as interesting as you wrote earlier. Categorizing topics and collecting similar topics under one title will definitely be interesting for your followers. Good work, keep it up!

Alex JP

This is a very important post. I enjoyed reading how you’ve originally approached aging and nicely managed to explain everything step by step. You’ve a great memory friend.


I personally believe that this post is one of the most interesting on this forum.. Awesome post, as always, Ray!!


Well, I think we are all aware that stuff inside the body is going to change over all of these years. It is important to understand it before you move too far with it.

Charles "Charley" Mann

Nice chronology. I have to admit though I am doing epiphany one through four all together in 2016 and at age 60. I am hoping better late than never will apply.

Charles "Charley" Mann

Ray, good advice. Thanks!

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