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If you’re reading this, odds are that you are a bit older, perhaps beginning to see a decline in your strength and mobility, and are looking for a way to decrease, or even reverse the damage of the advancing years. My new book, “Resistance and Strength Training for Men Above 60,” may be just what you’re looking for.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. My name is Thurman “Ray” Plumlee and I have dedicated myself to sharing the knowledge I have accumulated through research and practical experience in order to help other men avoid the pitfalls of old age. I do not pretend to be a doctor, nutritionist, or gerontologist, just an avid amateur who has consistently, and successfully, striven to live my best possible life as a senior citizen, and I am convinced that I can do the same for you.

There are many factors which affect the way we age. Diet and nutrition is perhaps the most important, for how can we expect our engines to run efficiently on less than optimal fuel. Our lifestyle itself is yet another. And our level of fitness certainly plays an important part. And I believe one of the best ways for men over the age of sixty to remain fit is to engage in resistance and strength training.

So why is this type of training so important? As we age, our bone density starts to decline or weaken. This is only natural. But is it one part of the aging process about which we can do something.  My book will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. Training with weights is a practical way to keep our skeletal and muscular system young. I will explain the aging process, and how it relates to bone and joint health. You will learn what kind of equipment is most beneficial and what techniques are most effective. The book also supplies tips on vitamins and minerals needed to assist you in your endeavors. You don’t need to concern yourself with building a beach buff body, merely a healthy, flexible one.

But perhaps you would rather work without weights. This is entirely possible. Strength training certainly does not require a gym membership, in reality, equipment of any kind. Except that which your own body can supply. Isometric exercises are those which use muscle against muscle to provide the necessary resistance, and can be quite effective. And such exercises can be done virtually anywhere, requiring no dedicated space such as a home gym. My book tells you why such exercise works, how to do them, and what benefits you can expect to see. You will learn what exercises are best for you, and how they will work to improve your muscle tone and stamina. You can even choose to set up a home gym dedicated to isometric exercises. Sometimes a simple door frame will suffice. You can even perform some types of this exercise sitting in a chair. Isometric exercise is a form of low impact exercise which can have a very large impact on your strength and well being.

Strength training can also be accomplished using a band or tube. I will explain just how this works, and the benefits achieved you can expect to achieve with such a simple piece of equipment.

But if you’d like to invest in a piece of home gym equipment, aside from weights, you might want to consider whole body vibration. My book explains just what this is, and how beneficial it can be to a man in his sixties. Everybody seems to be aware that as we age our muscles weaken, our bones grow brittle, and our balance and coordination decreases. But how many of us recognize the fact that our balance may fail because of our weakened joints and muscles. And a diminished sense of balance will lead to more falls, the primary cause of injury in seniors. Whole body vibration therapy causes our muscles to contract involuntarily, up to 30 times a second. In my book, I explain just what type of vibration equipment is available on the market, and what type is best for you. Some machines are designed for basic muscle toning, while other are perfect for sports training. The choice should reflect your personal goals.

Not all of us are determined to run a marathon or compete in body-building competitions as we enter our so-called golden years. Most of us are simply concerned with maintaining a level of strength and flexibility which will enable us to pursue a rewarding lifestyle. My book is designed to help those among us who may have felt themselves slipping a bit, and want to recover what they have lost. There may be some of us who want to become better than we ever were, you want to take the opportunity that more free time gives us to explore ways to achieve our best physical selves, and maintain those selves as long as possible. My book, “Resistance and Strength Training for Men Above 60,” can help you accomplish those goals. It explains what is possible with a bit of effort and minimal expense. The biggest investment will be in time and dedication, and only you can decide just how much of those things you are willing to devote to the cause. My book can help you get a maximum return on such an investment, and provide with a nest egg of health, strength, balance, and coordination that will launch you well into your later life with a renewed sense of confidence.

I have designed “Resistance and Strength Training for Men Above 60” as a how-to guide to health and strength at an ever advancing age. So, if you would like to envision your life as something more exciting and productive than a quiet rocking chair on the porch, this book is for you. I hope you enjoy the change in your life it can provide.


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