Want to Sleep Better? Stop Consuming these 5 Things Before Bed

Man in bed sleeping

Man in bed sleeping

When one starts aging, they experience interrupted sleeping patterns and discomfort which usually gets blamed on the body. There are a lot of ways in which you can treat the insomnia or combat sleeping issues with some simple techniques and natural ways. One of them is to make changes to what you are eating before bed. Some food items aren’t beneficial after you reach 60 and can affect the slumbers by influencing the production of the sleeping hormone known as melatonin.

Following are 5 items you should avoid consuming before you go to bed, especially after reaching the age of 60:

Fatty foods: After reaching the 60’s era, you have to be extra careful in terms of nutrition and diet because of the delicateness of the body and health. Consumption of burgers, fries and other fatty foods can be harmful, before you go to sleep. This can be a critical element which might disrupt the sleeping patterns. If you get hungry before bed, you can eat almond butter or peanut butter along with celery, yogurt or nuts. But overdoing any of these can certainly be dangerous.

Caffeine items: Most of the people know that drinking coffee before bed is a terribly bad idea. But people forget that there are other sources of caffeine consumption as well like black tea, sodas and sometimes even dark chocolate is rich in caffeine.

Alcohol and smokes: Many of the women and men who reach the age of 60 enjoy a glass of wine before going to bed. Most of the people justify this habit by telling themselves and others that it is beneficial for heart. But they don’t know it has adverse effects on sleeping patterns. Excessive alcohol is harmful for the brain and bodies and can decrease the chances of experiencing a good sleep. Ensure the quantity f wine doesn’t exceed the one-glass limit.

Smoking is a bad habit, as we are all aware of. After reaching the 60’s you can reduce the dangers of getting a smoke-related disease. Nicotine, the essential most ingredients of smokes, is a stimulant and can immensely affect the sleeping schedules. Avoid smoking so it doesn’t interfere with the sleep otherwise, the absence of sleep can cause you to become more stressed.

Non-prescribed medicines: The non-prescribed medicines can also influence the sleep after reaching the age of 60 or above .people prefer eating medications and pills for the small aches or pains, in turn endangering their sleeping patterns. After 60, these pains and aches are common. But even if you are particularly worried, you shouldn’t take any pill without first discussing it with your doctor. There might be a great quantity of caffeine or other chemicals that affect the production of melatonin.

Protein consumption: In the older ages, protein takes some time in getting completely digested. Thus it is advised that you eat a protein rich dinner or meal plenty of hours before you go to bed. This will give your body enough time space for digestion.

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